Monday, 15 October 2012


An interesting visit to the South East London Show.

A view of the main hall from the balcony. There were 57 different traders spread over two floors.

Here I am on the lower floor.
And here's Henry Hyde, Battlegames Editor, hard at work - so hard he never knew I took his picture !
Next, a 28mm Ancient Germans v Romans clash ...

A superb Dark Ages "Battle of Benfleet" game put on by, I believe, Southend Wargames Club.

Lots and lots of twigs from the garden were employed here after sharpening !

And a beautiful 15mm Napoleonic game ...

WWII and the Germans are landing ... 

Carlist Wars using Perry Twins figures ...

And finally, from me, another Dark Ages scrap.  This one was on the South London Warlords table, IIRC ...

The traders seemed to be doing a steady stream of business and this is the first time I recall queueing outside to get into SELWG (maybe we were earlier than usual ?) In particular, the Bring & Buy was as manic as you'd expect but the staff remained calm and friendly.
I certainly picked up some useful bits and pieces and enjoyed the atmosphere.
Well done again to South East London Wargames Group !

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