Monday, 1 October 2012

Deadman's Gulch Update.

I went to Essex Warriors' Open Day at Writtle yesterday, the last day of September, and it was sunny and warm here in Essex !
Had a look at the various games going on and the Bring & Buy is always worth rummaging through. But, my luck was with one of the small number of traders that were present - I spied a box containing 5 second hand resin & painted Wild West buildings that he was disposing of for the princely sum of £10 !  They were swiftly taken and with a little bit of TLC, restored last night ...
And this is the result !  Glued back together, some paint touched up and new signs added, they will definitely fit in with my other Deadman's Gulch buildings.
This little town is growing rapidly.  Just as well, as Steve Clarke and I have now commenced our Legends of the Wild West campaign yesterday aftrenoon, with his Lawmen giving my Desperado and his Toughs a good licking.  I'm a man down already and with little in the way of Loot to spend.
Desperado Dan is planning a re-match once he has finished licking his wounds ...

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