Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Battle of Salamanca

22nd July 1812.

After weeks of marching and counter marching, Wellington has finally lured Marshal Marmont into battle on his own terms and waits for his enemy to make a mistake.
This is the view of The Arapiles that Marmont saw from his position East of Salamanca

On the edge of the ridge is the ruined chapel from where Marmont examined the British positions. It was from here that he thought he saw a dust trail which convinced him the British were withdrawing. He was wrong, all Wellington was doing was sending his baggage train away.
The chapel has now been fully restored.

 And has a battlefield board in front of it
These are the views directly from the chapel
It was over there that Thomiere's division got separated and got taken by surprise by Packenham's troops - the turning point of the battle.
Below is a stream which runs to meet the River Tormes near Salamanca town. Marmont' s troops crossed here to approach the British positions
Salamanca can be seen clearly in the distance
This is the Lesser Arapile which British troops occupied
The French took the Greater Arapile unopposed
The village of Los Arapiles is seen in the background
Another battlefield board at the base of the Lesser Arapile
The memorial atop the Greater Arapile (we couldn't get our coach up there !)
Board at the entrance to the village
And yet a further reminder
Here in the plain much of the fighting took place
The village has a nice little museum which was shut when we arrived but the villagers sent off to bring the key holder.
The locals kept us entertained whilst we waited !
The museum has a very good diorama inside with descriptive boards around


Well worth a visit if you get your timing right !
I am so glad I have visited the site of another one of Wellington's great victories.

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  1. The first thing that strikes me is how green it is. Again good to see the battlefield how it looks today and that museum and diorama is an added bonus.
    Thanks for sharing,