Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Residency is under attack !

An Indian Mutiny game using the Sharp Practice supplement under development and being play tested by certain Lardies.

After some gentle prodding by Colonial mad gaming friend, Simon Walker, today Steve Clarke and I had another go at the draft set of SP rules covering the Indian Mutiny, "War Without Mercy"
We decided to fight a defence of a British Residency & compound (apologies to David Bickley for shamelessly copying one of the fine buildings in his collection).
Here it is with various British blinds in evidence
Some Memsahibs are happily shopping in the bazaar, blissfully unaware of what is coming !
Some mutineers are spied across the plain
And a nasty looking cannon hoves into sight on a small hill
Yet more rebellious sepoys are seen through the trees
... and even more
Ah, no wonder, its the Mad Mullah stirring them up !
Over in the village yet more rebels appear on the rooftops
The rebel gun opens up on the outbuildings
And causes a little consternation amongst the gentlemen volunteers there
The rebels surge forwards
And get to one of the side entrances in no time
With even more joining them before the British react
At last, some Redcoats bayonet charge them
The fury of their attack shocks the rebels
and the first group is thrown back
A unit of Scots hear the commotion and rush around to help
The sepoys attack again
And this time the Redcoats are thrown back into the compound
The Scots arrive none too soon
Captain Flashy is in charge of the guns
and directs fire onto the approaching rebels
Over on the other side of the Residency, two units of infantry seem to have things under control
Oops !  Spoke too soon, rebels rush the gateway and the Redcoats back off, leaving casualties
 Back on the right, the Scots charge into action
and the rebels flee from them
Two rebel groups are badly shocked
The Scots press home their advantage
And lay into more of the sepoys
For now, this side is cleared
Over on the left, the rebels have not yet ventured through the gateway
Which gives the ladies time to scurry back for shelter
Oh Oh, here come more of them !
At last, one of the British guns fires
The Scots have carried on pursuing the enemy with the Colonel
But the walls have been breached over on the other side
Assailed from two sides now,
the remaining Redcoats retreat
With no protection, the British artillerymen abandon the gun
As the rebels charge the Residency and smash in the door
Others move up to join them
The Colonel and his valiant Scots have captured the Mad Mullah !
Recovering British troops dash to the Residency to try and eject the enemy
This is the furious culmination of the battle as the Residency safety hangs in the balance
Inside, the Redcoats have won the hand-to-hand combat and rebels flee
And the Mad Mullah seems to have suffered a fatal accident whilst in the custody of the Scots
The rebels have had enough
And British officers celebrate on the rooftop of the Residency
We had great fun with this and the battle did swing backwards and forwards - indeed, if the rebels who got inside the building had succeeded in blowing it up before the relief arrived, it would have been a catastrophe for the Empire !
In our opinion, this supplement is pretty much ready to roll, perhaps one or two minor areas we want to clarify with the authors to understand their intentions. And there is a lovely campaign system integrated too.
Now, tomorrow, back to Spanish battlefield pictures before next week's battle, resurrecting the original Sharp Practice and the return of Fondler ! 


  1. Very entertaining - reminds me of our Indostan games a lot. I was unaware the Lardies were working on this supplement - will have to look out for it.


  2. Good to hear from you Frank - your blog is an inspiration for those of us into gaming in India and the NW frontier.

  3. There are some wonderful miniatures out there for the period, along with Flasman instead of Sharp and a great set of rules, it ticks all the boxes.
    Thanks for sharing Stephen,

  4. Steve, that looks a tremendous game. I am eagerly awaiting your Indian Mutiny supplement - it fits the Sharpe Practice theme to perfection, with a cracking looking game. I love the bazaar in particular!

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  6. Wonderful game, report and Indian Mutiny action! It reads every bit like the opening days of the rebellion.

    Excellent work guys. Can I ask...which scenario number did you play?...scenario 6?


    Happy Wanderer

  7. Well done Steve! Just what we need to get the project kick-started. I'll be posting the latest draft of the SP supplement rules to the new yahoo group (search for "War Without Mercy") over the weekend - and will be sending you some more detailed questions on the game as well.

    See you at Partizan!

  8. Happy wanderer, we actually made it up to suit ourselves, roughly based on a defence scenario shown in e draft but with our own twist

  9. Simon, thought you'd like it ! MetRalph Fonseca at a dinner party tonight so he's coming with us in the car to Partizan next weekend !

  10. Found your blog via the TFL yahoo group – have to admit, I've missed something seriously good. The AAR makes for a great read with lots of gaming goodness. Thanks for sharing!

    Cheers, SG

  11. Welcome Sire Godfefroy, you've got plenty to catch up on in older posts then !

  12. I've just been reading Sire Godefroy's blog on his first game of SP - a great account and I need one of 'those' highlanders from Westfalia Miniatures!

    Steve, I'll see you at Partizan - plenty to catch up on!