Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ciudad Rodrigo

It was here between 8th & 19th January 1812 that Wellington and his army besieged the fortress town

The spire of the cathedral can be seen from miles around and this was the aiming point (although not the target) for the British artillery.

The fortifications still look mighty impressive

 The old Moorish castle is now a hotel !

So good, they named a street after him !
It is a beautiful old town with bags of character

Our visit coincided with a Bull Run through the streets !
About as close as the public could get to the bulls !
A TV crew had the safest position !  I retired to the bar with the red and gold bunting !

The high ground beyond the modern buildings are the Greater and Lesser Tesons where our artillery was positioned

This plaque marks the place of the death and burial of General "Black Bob" Craufurd, leading his beloved Light Division to the end. His remains were supposedly laid to rest in the small breach.

The cathedral still shows the signs of damage from cannon balls that hit the outer defences and then bounced into the walls and tower.


Our casualties here were nowhere near as bad as later at Badajoz - just over 1,000 killed and wounded. The British captured 1,300 French troops out of a total force of 2,000 present at the outset.
Well worth a visit if you ever get the chance.


  1. Thanks Ray ! Tried to publish the better ones of my amateurish efforts.

  2. Wonderful photos of the area Stephen, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hope to put up some more tomorrow, Pat, so keep coming back !