Friday, 17 May 2013


By way of an unscheduled visit, we managed to persuade our driver, Nigel, to tak a detour across into Portugal so we could see the defences at Elvas and the British cemetary there.
We couldn't believe how good the fortifications were  and although we were unable to get our coach into the narrow streets, we set out on foot to explore and ascend to the castle.

This is the entrance to the old castle

 This is the chapel dedicated to the British soldiers who fought and died in the area
With the cemetary next to it
Memorial plaques are affixed to the castle walls

With some graves in the centre, all well tended by the locals.

View from the cemetary battlements

we did pause for a prayer in the chapel in their memory

Then the long way down to try and find our coach again

Co-driver, Liz, spots the familiar blue and silver livery approaching the roundabout !
Next up, Fuentes de Onoro and Salamanca ...

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