Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wellington in the Peninsular

Back from Spain !

Yes folks, my pilgrimage following Wellington's army in Spain is over. Two weeks walking the battlefields of Somosierra, Talavera, Badajoz, Fuentes de Onoro, Salamanca, Venta del Poza, Vittoria, Sorauren, San Sebastian and then across the Pyrenees to Bidassoa River, Battle of Nivelle, St. Pierre, Bayonne, Orthez and Toulouse.
I'm going through my many photos and will post on here the best of them over the coming days.
I must extend my grateful thanks to fellow Lardy, Benito, who kindly came to the hotel in Spain for a drink and then presented me with a lovely Rioja to enjoy back home - cheers Benito !
Right, back to sorting through these photos ...  


  1. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  2. What with Gettysburg and now this, you are having a great year so far. Look forward to sharing your experiences through your camera.