Monday, 20 May 2013

Bloody Albuera

Did I say Salamanca ?  Well, before that comes Albuera so sorry for that folks !

This is the bridge to the South East of Albuera that was attacked by French columns, the bridge being defended at the time by KGL light infantry. 

You can see the town in the background and how close it is.
  The view from the bridge facing north
Position of some of the KGL troops
Here's the town plaque commemorating the battle
With overhanging branches held back by Dave !
It is up these streets that the French infantry swept towards the church

It was here that some of the heaviest fighting took place
One local resident sitting on top seems unperturbed

This is the memorial in the main square
  The bust is of a Spanish general with a brass plate below acknowledging the British presence.

Signs of battle damage still evident on the church walls.
Behind the church, there is a small town museum with a diorama about the battle

Further down hill there is a memorial garden with plinth to four British regiments and their colours were buried here at a later date. 
  As evidenced by this plate.
The attacks by Latour Mauburg, Girard, Cazan and Werle over to the South of town are on private farm land, so inaccessible today.  This was where our troops were hard pressed by French cavalry, being unable to fire at them as their muskets had been soaked during a hailstorm.


  1. Another great set of pictures...and another place I'll have to add to my 'bucket list'.

  2. Great tour so far and you were very lucky with the weather. Can you believe that it is freezing cold AGAIN here, with snow falling in the Somosierra pass that you also visited???

  3. You are so right, Benito ! Still the red wine should keep you warm !