Monday, 27 May 2013

Fondler's Escape

Being Scenario 10 in the Too Fat Lardies Sharp Practice "Compleat Fondler"

In this, Fondler & Lt. Harry Cost are prisoners of the French and are being transported to the fort seen at the end of the board.
They have to be saved, so 30 Portuguese Cazadores plus the Guerillas of El Zapatero have been dispatched for this mission.

Once they are beyond the bridges, they are beyond help
The ever present pub landlord, El Murri, is ready to serve drinks whatever !
Here we see the head of the French column appear
Fondler & Cost are in a waggon guarded by Sgt.Desade
Without delay, El Zapatero swoops down from the hills with two of his groups
And they open fire on the head of the column
Fondler and Cost wait for an opportunity to escape
El Zapatero urges his men on
Then up on the hill to the left of the French column, the Cazadores, commanded by Lt. Luis dos Santos appear
And they proceed to engage the column with their Baker rifles, being careful to avoid the waggon with the prisoners !
The French officers have to calm their waivering troops
Reorganised, they fire up the hill at the Portuguese
Part of the column turns to fully engage the Cazadores
Fondler, having failed to cut Harry Costs's cords, decides to make his escape
Despite his hands being tied, Cost also leaps out of the waggon and even overtakes Fondler scrambling up the hillside !
The French light troops have fallen back with shock
At this point, a lunch break was called for ... this was just Steve Clarke's meal by the way, my healthy breakfast bar was out of camera shot (ahem) !
And his pet pheasant, Philip III came for lunch too
Right, back to war ... Sgt Desade attempts to recapture Fondler
But dies at the hands of our hero
The French are suffering devastating volleys from two directions
But more arrive and barge their way past the first wave
By now Fondler and Cost have reached the Portuguese lines and assist in organising their fire to great effect
El Murri, being an ever resourceful entrepreneur, decides to bring the beer to the men if they won't come to the pub !
As yet another French officer bites the dust, the column decides its had enough, gives up the thought of getting to the fort and legs it back down the road from whence they came.
So Fondler is spared for yet another adventure !
With the exception of the Portuguese Cazadores, all troops, terrain and buildings from Steve Clarke's amazing collection and big thanks for his kind hospitality and even laying on beautiful sunshine too !


  1. Engaging AAR. Looks a very fun game

  2. It was good fun, Benito and reminded how good Sharpe Practice is