Sunday, 2 June 2013

Partizan, June 2013

Today we sped up the A1 in glorious sunshine to visit Partizan at Kelham Hall, near Newark.

Our tradition is to stop off at The OK Diner near Stamford for breakfast !
Here's the rest of my party, Steve Clarke and Raphael Fonseca heading for the entrance

For those of you that don't know it, here's Kelham Hall, a real Victorian gothic pile.
As I drove, Raph coughed up my entrance fee !
And here it is in all its glory
Reasonably well attended I think
A gathering of Essex boys - Steve, Mike and Simon
Another of the halls
A superb Carlist Wars battle going on here

Anyone want to buy a Mag ?!  Here's a happy Henry Hyde, editor of Miniature Wargames/Battlegames
Some more interesting games for your delectation ...

And something right up our street, an Indian Mutiny game using Sharp Practice rules !

Some lovely home made buildings too

And thank goodness for aquarium shops !
Pony Wars - Red Indians in the snow

These 54mm Italian Wars figures were interesting

Here's a couple more to finish ...

All in all, an enjoyable day out and well done again to Newark Irregulars.


  1. Steve, some great photos from a what looks to be a first-class day in the sunshine. I shall have to look out for that diner on the A1!

  2. Raph liked it as it brought back memories of growing up in San Francisco !

  3. Now that's a sight that's rarely seen - the inside of Ralph's wallet! Did he go for the concessionary rate?