Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Rescue of Martinstadt.

The peace loving people of Bluvia were horror struck when they heard that the warmongerers from Redland had invaded our poor neighbours in Martinstadt.
Our sovereign, Koenig Steufan I has graciously given permission to our Army Commanders to rescue the people of Martinstadt from such aggression.
Here we see a parade of the relief forces before their departure into the welcoming arms of our cousins in Martinstadt, after all, like us they are German speaking people (well they will be when we've finished with them), ahem.
And here are the Commanders in conference at the head of the army ...
Yes, this kicks off our campaign, based on Henry Hyde's idea in Battlegames magazine.
Map moves have started ...
And battle is looming !


  1. Well those Martinstadters need all the help they can get!

    If you've read Henry's brief in the latest Battlegames, I doubt I've got enough troops to cover all those listed !!!

    We should be up to Week 3's moves by tonight which must result in a dust up (which will physically take place on 10th April here at the Billericay War Rooms).

  2. A very impressive eye-candy! Looking eagerly forward to enjoy the battle report.

    It would be great to learn more about your Imagi-Nations and their armies: OOB, major characters, maybe even a 'parade' with each unit presented individually...


  3. Abdul666, if you get Battlegames magazine this month, you will see all the details you require ! We have simply taken Henry Hyde's suggested country names and forces verbatim.

    However, hopefully more will become clear on here as the campaign takes off.