Friday, 22 March 2013

Lard Island Unplugged

A pilgrimage to Lardy Land.

With some trepidation I crossed, at low tide, the long causeway leading to Lard Island this morning, a place shrouded in what I thought was mist but it turned out to be hot air !
The launch of the new Lardy gaming room was not to be missed, especially with the lure of genuine Hertfordshire champagne.
Here we see two inmates considering their options.
A game of Sharp Practice but back in Wars of the Roses time was our first course.  Here's Nick giving a few blokes in armour a poke.
The mayor of the town, Gisbourne, ponders on which side to throw his lot in with
Troops from both sides are heading for the town.
But the local priest halts proceedings whilst he blesses them.
Gisbourne announces he prefers the chaps in the fetching green and white hose.
Nick's heavy metal charge down the road determined to get there first
The crossroads outside town is getting pretty congested
A lady of dubious virtue eyes up the approaching talent
Yorkist pikemen prepare to receive cavalry
As Gisbourne's townsmen are pounced upon by Lancastrian foot
Poor old Gisbourne and his men are soundly thrashed
Melee at the crossroads
And the Yorkists manage to bounce the enemy cavalry !
Lancastrian horse then catch the enemy foot in town and destroy them
With Lancs holding both the town and the approaches, victory is declared
as we wanted to get on with the booze and the grub !
With Lard Island drunk dry, we then returned for a demo game of the Two Fat Lardies work in progress, Chain of Command (CoC to you,gentle reader)
Enter the other Mr.Clarke, Steve, a German commander no less.
After a tutorial on the pre-game scouting by the Great Lard Himself,
On came the troops with my Brits defending a farmhouse
And a nicely sited mortar team further back
Steve's Germans tried to storm my farmhouse but Britannia prevailed and they were sent packing
A good intro to this game still under development and we can see this will be a winner when it is finally brought to market - keep an eye out for this in the Summer !
Big thanks to Richard Clarke for hosting the day with Nick and good luck with the new, improved Lard HQ.


  1. Everyone seems to be trying out Sharp Practice for the Wars of the Roses! The battle looked impressive, lucky you!

  2. Hi Stephen,
    I am amazed and chuffed, how the SP WotR has gone from a first draft game that I did for my mate coming round to my house, to ending up at Lard HQ. I guess I have to thank you for that as you seem to have done a fair bit of play testing with it and also rub shoulders in some mighty fine places. Hope it played okay?
    The new C and C rules the Lardies are working on sound exciting and I look forward to them coming out.

  3. Time to start nagging Rich to get some more official SP supplements released, maybe as part of his new rulewriter initiative - WOTR followed by Mutiny, Zulu Wars, NWF (generic 1850-1890 Colonial maybe), then US Plains Wars...oh, and what about renaissance/ECW and Jacobite rebellions whilst we're at it!

  4. Hi Stephen,

    I just hope that Rich and Nick left you some food! I know what they're like when it comes to champagne and fine hors d'oeuvres!

    The game looks fantastic!

  5. Sorry you weren't able to join us, Sid (something about having to see a man about a dog ?) anyway, yes, Steve and I held off the Lardy attack on the canapés and had our fair share, don't worry. It was good fun and much appreciated.