Monday, 18 March 2013

Bluvia to the Rescue !

Taking advantage of the fast flowing Gramback and Steinwasser Rivers, our forces were rapidly conveyed by barges and river craft to the relief of Martinstadt whilst other troops took possession of  Iferbrucke for the forces for freedom.

We have been informed that Redland forces have marched through Quetch and Munsterberg in the South West of the country whilst our Uhlans have discovered a large enemy army in the streets of Niffelgletsch , not far to the South of the capital, Martinstadt.

The enemy forces from across the country now appear to be converging on Niffelgletsch so our armies have been told to ready themselves for combat.

Here we see the advance guard of the Redland forces marching through Niffelgletsch.

Wisely, our small detachment of Uhlans vacated the town quickly but in good order.

Here we see the dispositions of both sides as at week 3 (Redland are white, Bluvia grey)

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