Sunday, 3 March 2013

Gettysburg : Culp's Hill

This is the secene of the Confederate attack on the "hook" of the Federal positions at Gettysburg, by Confederate General Johnson's division from Ewell's Corps.
This barn next to Culp's House was used as a hospital during the battle.
Culp's House
The approach to the hill, where Ewell's start line was.
An explanation of the attack on the "hook"
It was up wooded slopes like this that the Rebels had to attack with the Federal troops dug in above them.
The monument's to the generals are so elegant.
A nice carved one for New York infantry
Descriptive board on the top of the hill.
Statue of Union General Geary in front of Culp Hill's viewing platform.
The Federal defenders had a few artillery pieces up top.
View across Cemetary Hill towards the gatehouse
Plenty of bitter fighting here as Ewell's troops threw themselves against the defences.
The cemetary gatehouse took a lot of punishment during the battle but has been well restored.
Memorial on lower Cemetary Hill
That's pretty much it, folks !


  1. Excellent pics Steve, keep 'em coming!!!

  2. Thanks Stephen. Really enjoying these. Tempted to make some more buildings for our Gettysburg game now!

  3. Great pictures once again Stephen, one for the bucket list I think.