Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Chain of Command

Well, I might have known it. Having spent last Friday with Rich and Nick at Too Fat Lardies, I've been seduced into the ways of CoC !

Having had a go at their game under development, I 've come home planning units for this - and then I had a Eureka moment. Tucked away in my cupboards were plastic Valiant figures which I had bought some time back thinking they would fit in with my Britannia 20mm troops (wrong !).

Anyway, they will be perfect for Chain of Command as the numbers in each box work out just right for three lots of 10 men squads, including either Bren or MG42 plus officers, NCOs and support weapons - sorted !

I' ve re-based the Germans today (see picture below) and I will do the same for the British in the next few days.  I also have the Americans, so all that's missing is one or two vehicles to add another dimension to these skirmish level rules.

Here we have 3 squads each with an NCOs and one O/C for the platoon as a whole advancing cautiously through a village.

Can't wait for the rules to be published !


  1. They look very nice Steve! Can I ask why your posts don't have titles?

  2. Do you know what ? I've only just spotted the title box in the drafting area now you've mentioned it, Ray !!! What an amateur eh ?!

  3. These guys look great too!