Friday, 1 March 2013

More Gettysburg.

In the Visitor Centre, I visited the Cyclorama which has been painstakingly restored by conservators.
These are a couple of my better pictures (as no flash is allowed a few were disappointing).
These are apparently the cannon balls that started the war - fired at Fort Sumter in South Carolina, now held in the Gettysburg Battlefield Park Museum.
One of the original buildings on Cemetary Ridge,
Brigadier General Gouverneur K.Warren astride Little Round Top - more visitors stand here than any where else in the Park, I'm told.
The Devil's Den - this definitely has a strange aura about it.
Lots of fighting here with attacks by Alabamans and Georgians finally overwhelming the defending troops of 4th Maine and 99th Pennsylvania.
Says it all really ...
I'll post these for now and then go through the Culps Hill ones and select a few for your viewing pleasure.


  1. ...starting to get very jealous...

  2. Some excellent pics Steve, are you a lucky chap!

  3. Great photo from on top of Little Round Top. I can see why it's so popular!

  4. Superb, thanks for sharing.