Sunday, 6 August 2017

Bolt Action WWII

Mike provided all the kit for this battle - which was the German push towards Dunkirk.
Mike, Allan & Ian Batley were the French & British commanders, Richard and I were the German commanders with Ian Roberts providing encouragement !

The rule book for those unsure.

A French village provided the focus of this battle with the Germans tasked with forcing a way past using the roadway.

 View from the German end

With a quickly deployed 105mm howitzer & tow lined up besides the road.

German recce armoured cars swiftly move up.

and Panzers sweep across country.

A british A/T tank gun opens fire, revealing its position behind a hedgerow.

French armour, gun and infantry await orders to move up.

View from the Allies end of the village.

The British gun seen from behind the Allied position.

A Boyes A/T rifle team reveals itself behind a farmyard wall and fires at the enemy tanks - miss !

German infantry now deploy along the tree line at the German start line, MG,

 and rifle squad

A French gun now shows itself and shoots at the enemy armoured cars.

with a mortar going for the open topped one.

German infantry are getting orders to move.

The Germans have managed to push more units up the road behind the armoured cars.

which are peppering the hedgerows where they know the British anti tank gun is operating from.

Allan (French commander) has managed to throw a series of doubles which means his troops are bogged down - like this tank, doing nothing of use whatsoever !

Pity, as two mortar teams are in position and ready to throw some nasty rounds at the approaching Germans. 

The German armour has advanced to a position besides the farm, where the Allies score their first notable success - one Panzer less to cope with !

Outflanked by tanks and with the sounds of German voices about to enter the farm yard, British infantry debunk and scurry out of the back door.

Could this be the source of the German voices ?!!

The lead German armoured car has encountered a British light tank on the road

and a duel ensues.

The Germans are now in some force across the centre of the battlefield. The British A/T gun and supporting infantry behind the hedge have all been destroyed.

The "cat and mouse" game between the British tank and German armoured car continues in and amongst the buildings.

The German infantry prepare to occupy the farm.

Now the German armour advance towards the churchyard.

Where another anti-tank rifle team awaits them.

German infantry are running to catch up with the armour advance.

and more debuss from the half track which had been the prime mover for the howitzer !

The Germans have now got control of  the village square with one armoured car

This German squad are happy to settle into the farm.

Leaving their colleagues to mop up the opposition.

They do look pretty unstoppable it must be said.

Not wishing to be forgotten, the German howitzer continues to fire at the distant French tanks

which have failed to make any impact.

and now combined German fire is concentrated on the one tank which dares to advance - too little too late.

With the village secured

and flanks protected.

The Germans have also managed to outflank the timid French armour.

Allied infantry flee the field

in the face of a determined enemy.

Clear German victory this time.

Technically, my first game of Bolt Action but having spent most of the time chatting to Ian Roberts and Mark Hiskey, jut back from New York, the credit goes fully to Richard !!!

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