Wednesday, 9 August 2017

And now for something completely different

Well it is for me (!).  I've had AK47 rules sitting on the shelf for more years than I care to remember - and never used them.

Anyway, thanks to Ian Roberts disposing of some 15mm bits and pieces last Sunday at the Club, I have finally taken the plunge.

Why did it take so long I wonder as I have spent most of my working life travelling to Africa, supplying various forces with uniform equipment, mostly medals I hasten to add.

Indeed, on occasion, I even got caught up in the conflicts - by mistake, as I had no real desire to get shot at. But I have - most memorably in 1986 when Museveni's National Resistance Army had surrounded Kampala and I was watching the tracer bullets lazily arcing their way towards me on the tenth floor of what is now the Sheraton Hotel (it was the International then if I recall) and I remember some Yugoslavs were trying to build a fire escape which had only reached floor three - quite a drop from where I was sitting with a cold glass of Extra Special Brew should the damned tracer actually reach my room !

Some time later, I had the honour of meeting the man, then President, and designing a whole new honours system for him for Uganda.

Anyway, I digress, you don't want to be bored with the stories of an ageing man rambling on ... modern African warfare in 15mm beckons me.

Until my order to Peter Pig arrives, this is all I have

The famous rulebook - so many gamers have told me how much they have enjoyed these games

A couple of Centurions parked up 

My first infantry base

A scratch built village with a couple of APCs and a truck.

But from little acorns grow ... well hopefully two African armies to fight it out !

Let's see if I can keep focused on this for a while.

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