Wednesday, 9 August 2017

General d"Armee ; the final phase

The Portuguese commander has at last got his brigade under command, they form march columns to their right flank.

Aware that their British allies are about to be attacked.

One French column receives fire although the British have lost Fire discipline.
Other columns are steadily advancing

As the French brigade which has suffered at the hands of the British gunners at last gets going forwards again.

The action around the bridge has lulled, with British cavalry forced to pull back leaving just one unformed French battalion holding the line behind the farm buildings.

The right hand French brigade has retreated.

Despite all appeals from Brigade Generals and ADCs

But now the British centre is in extreme danger - three columns charge

The British volley is not enough to stop them.

This encourages the French battalions on their left to go for the British guns

Another squadron of Lanciers de Berg trot forwards to support their infantry.

The French charge goes in 

and the British infantry break and flee, unforming the battalion behind them.

The French follow up with another charge

as the other battalions climb the hill

At last, the Portuguese form attack columns

Just as the enemy sweeps down on the remaining British battalion.

French battalions have persisted in their advance on the British battery on the hill

and the gunners morale collapses

they flee, leaving the French in command of the hill.

The Portuguese brigade has at last pulled itself together, formed attack columns and hit the French columns which have just seen off the beaten British centre brigade.

Small recompense for the Allies, but it will gain time for the Portuguese and British left flank brigade the chance to withdraw unmolested.

Not that this is on the mind of the victorious French infantry celebrating on the hill top.

More battalions march to join them.

Come on you men !

The British cavalry commander has taken the bridge again but any further progress is blocked.

On the French left flank, one unformed battalion with a squadron of Lancers in support continue to hold off a reformed British brigade (which has lost its fire discipline !) 

With their centre broken, the British commander withdraws and sends ADCs to order the flank brigades to do likewise whilst they still can.

A clear French victory.

The more I understand these rules, the more I like them - although I would have liked to see more effective British firing but that is down to very poor dice throws I'm afraid !

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  1. Hello, nice post. I am new to GdA - how are you playing the Portuguese with respect to skirmishers? Do you just deploy a brigade skirmish screen made up of the Cacadores or do you have no brigade skirmish screen and use the Cacadores as a light infantry battalion or do you do both of these?