Monday, 7 August 2017

General d'Armee continued

Meantime, back at the Billericay War Rooms, my Napoleonic game continues ...

A French infantry brigade charges the British line between the farm and the bridge

and due to poor throws, the British lose and retreat back, taking their support battalion with them

thus ...

The French occupy the ground.

Watched by Lanciers de Berg, mindful of the KGL Hussars on the bridge.

In the centre, one unit of Legere advances in column but lacks support as its sister battalion retreated after some nifty shooting by the British skirmishers (they threw a double 6).

Also French battalions advance on the British guns on the hill, skirmishers to the fore - they have been steadily picking off the enemy gunners.

And other French skirmishers move over the bodies of their dead enemies.

The far left British brigade is moving to fire on the French infantry, trying to ignore the French gunners pouring fire down from the hills.

Mind you, the French foot battery has concentrated its fire on the British brigade left of the hill, a likely point of attack.

One British battalion here has already fallen back having failed its morale test 

The British gunners are intent on breaking up the enemy attack in front of them - they are piling up the casualties but there are three battalions in the brigade facing them.

Here's the British right with the beaten brigade trying to reform.

Let's hope they can shore up this flank before things hot up again.

To be continued - you are right Robbie, its a cracking rule set.
Mind you, you enjoyed them when we were play testing down at Basingstoke I recall, when your French Young Guard firmly stopped my Austrian attack across the river !

More to follow.

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  1. Good so far looking forward to the next episode. I think the French have them this time!