Saturday, 29 July 2017

General d'Armee

Having taken part in the play testing of these rules down at the Wargames Holiday Centre and then buying the rule book some time ago, I thought it was about time to have another crack at General d'Armee.

Therefore, the Billericay War Rooms were set up for a solo "refresher".

The rules have been produced by Reisswitz Press, which is a collaboration between Too Fat Lardies printing, ordering and distribution system and, in this case David Brown of General de Brigade fame. What's not to like - two great names in the hobby working together !

I elected to have a British v French game, both sides having cavalry on one flank - the British KGL Hussars.

The French have massed columns in the centre organised into four brigades (ten battalions in all)

The British were restricted to one RHA battery on high ground

Here you see the French advancing through fields towards the enemy guns

The British have four brigades of infantry (eight battalions)

The French, as the attackers, have a line battery on high ground

Under the watchful eye of the Commander-in-Chief

and a Horse battery on a second hill.

The left hand British brigade has to face this artillery !

The Brigade commander has his work cut out keeping them steady under fire.

Here we see the British C-in-C busy instructing ADCs

French skirmishers reach the last wall before having to cross into where they will receive canister fire

A reserve of Cuirassiers is kept back for use if a break through occurs.

Lanciers de Berg are tasked with facing off the KGL Hussars.

The British lines are ordered to advance to be able to fire

as the enemy columns come on

So far only one brigade has failed a command and "faltered" and the ADCs have mainly added impetus to assault fire by the artillery.

It feels right and the mechanisms introduced by David Brown innovative and quite different to General de Brigade. I think I am going to enjoy this little tussle !

Right, back to the rule book to answer some questions that have occurred to me ...


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Looking forward to the rest of the action.

  2. Steve, Dave Brown has played a blinder with these and the ACW rules, they give a great feel to the battles.