Friday, 25 January 2013

Another Attack of the Aelfroths !

Yep, he's back and nastier than ever !
Nick Speller managed to get over to the Billericay War Rooms after work tonight, bringing with him his Romano-British army for another crack at the Saxon invaders.
He got off to a good start by raising his Morale Rating to 8 with the pre-battle events.

Using the fantastic Dux Britanniarum rules of course.
A good speech "bigged up" by our own Poet gave the Saxons a 7. After the decisive victory last time out, one of Aelfroth's groups had been elevated to Elite status from Warrior, so now 3 Elite and 2 Warrior groups plus boy archers.  Aelfroth was accompanied by his Champion and Cadwalladha and Wulfric plus the Scrop.
Nick's men were keen and rushed forwards.
Aelfroth's likewise.
Quickly occupying the ground between the old Roman villa and some rough ground.
The Saxon archers have a good vantage point.
Nick gets his Elite and Warrior troops up front first with Levy behind.
Cleverly, the Saxons lure the Romano elite troops forwards ahead of their Warrior support.
And then slam into them with Aelfroth and his Bannerman urging them on.
Half of the Romano Elites were killed and the rest retreated back to their line of Warriors.
Meantime, some Romano Levy appear in support.
One group of Saxon Elite, led by Cadwalladah decide to attack them without delay.
One group is thrown back but the next engage the Saxons.
The British commander mow takes the initiative and charges Aelfroth's men with his Warriors and the remnants of his Elite troops.
With some success as Saxons are cut down next to the woods.
Aelfroth's men are pushed back
One unit of Saxons broken beyond repair.
Battle is resumed as Aelfroth attacks the isolated Warrior unit.
Over on the Saxon left, hand to hand combat with the Levy continues.
The British Warriors are destroyed.
But in a surprise move, the British commander leads his remaining Elites to attack the Saxons engaged with the Levy in the rear.
They in turn are destroyed.
Now Aelfroth's remaining 2 Elite units tackle the 2 British Warrior groups to their fore.
And they are defeated.
By this stage, the Romano-British morale had collapsed and those still left alive fled the field.
This was a very bloody encounter with both sides incurring heavy losses which will take months to recover.
Aelfroth may have won but he was in no position to take advantage and had to return to his Hall with his winnings.
No doubt he will be back !


  1. Splendid battle report Steve, and a fine looking blog! Looking forward to returning frequently, Sir!

    1. Thanks Sid (speaking as a big fan of your blog !)