Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Scottish Gathering.

Well, it certainly kicked off today.  Even though the Covenanters got the luck of the dice in getting to go first, the ferocious assault by the Highlanders was not to be deflected.
Appalling luck - a Covenanter cannon explodes at its first attempt to fire, killing all the crew.
Netx, the Clansmen get a hit using a captured Frame Gun, causing casualties amongst the Green Coats musketeers.
A body of Highlanders are ordered forward by their commander as two units of musketeers flank the bridge.
Their next stroke of luck was a direct hit with one of their mortars on the enemy cannon on the hill - again, all killed. Th Covenanter commander had a close shave too.
The second mortar, not to be out done gets a hit on the foremost infantry unit. Things could not have started off worse for the Covenanters. 
Here are the crack shot mortar men - they have picked up a casualty of their own being in range of enemy muskets.
The clansmen start to cross the bridge.
More Covenanter musketeers are hit on the hill opposite.
The frame gun hits the Green Coats again - a morale test is called for.
They fail and run for the town.
With Highlanders in pursuit.
The Covenanters on the left back off seeing the Green Coats having run.
A full view of developments on the left.
Both Covenanter units on the right have pulled back.
So the Highlanders can safely cross the bridge.
The Green Coats run through the streets.
First unit of Clansmen are over the bridge as the second prepares to join them.
One shaken unit clambers over the churchyard wall and on the hill.
Bad move ! Those damned mortars hit home again.
The retreating Covenanters on the left just avoid the Frame Gun's wrath this time.
Highlanders reach the first house.
More troops are crossing over the bridge.
The Green Coats are pursued down the street.
So the Scots Clansmen are now at both ends of town.
The Green Coats actually rally at the base of Church Hill.
Form up and shoot at the on coming Highlanders.
Perhaps unwisely forgetting whats behind them.
The pursuit continues outside of town.
The Highlanders ferociously charge home.
And will be hit in the back too.
It was all over at this point.  One Covenanter unit had retired, another had its back to Church Hill.
The Highlanders still had most of their troops intact and are better hand-to-hand combat troops any way.  The battle is over.
Rules used were Warhammer ECW - still good after all these years.

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