Friday, 11 January 2013

Operation Sealion skirmish.

After the disappointment of our second Christmas battle being cancelled due to the enemy's commander coming down with Man Flu, I put on a solo Sealion skirmish inspired by flicking through the Two Fat Lardies supplement.
Only a few pics were taken at the beginning, I'm afraid.
Here is a sleepy town on the South coast being guarded by the LDV and an artillery unit.
Their peace is about to be shattered as German paratroopers accompanied by an armoured car attempt to take the town.
They rush the bridge where the LDV have an ad hoc barrier.
An LDV man is down before they can react.
The RA boys prepare their gun.
It was all over very quickly.  The Paratroopers were too much for the Home Guard boys who were all killed or captured.  The artillery decided to high tail it and live to fight another day ! 

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  1. Funny,that happens in my Sealion games as well. Nice AAR