Friday, 11 January 2013

Civil War !

Something completely different ! Here we have Royalist Highlanders attacking a town held by Covenanters supported by a Parliamentary Green Coat Regiment.
Ferocious clansmen prepare to charge.
Taking an artillery piece forwards with them.
The Green Coats face them from some high ground.
A Covenanter unit comes up in support with a gun too.
The Covenanter leader has taken Church Hill as his command post much to the consternation of the clergy !
More Covenanters face the challenge from across the stream.
Yet another regiment beyond the bridge.
The Royalists prepare to give fire.
They have mortars too to annoy the town with.
A Covenanter artillery piece opens fire from the hill.
The Scots clansmen even have a few bowmen !
This battle will be fought over the weekend ... so watch this space !

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