Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Wars of the Roses, Lardy-style.

Excited by the confirmation that Richard III was the "King in the Car Park" in Leicester coinciding with "Wargaming with Silver Whistle" converting Too Fat Lardies Sharp Practice rules to the WotR period, I'm off on yet another tangent.
Therefore, the medieval troops have been dusted off and a scenario set up on Table No.1 for a crack at "Silver Whistle's" adaptation.
The town gate guards have been put on alert with rumours flying around that an enemy attack is expected.
The troops are turned out of their billets as enemy forces appear in the distance.
The Lord addresses his small mounted force.
The churchyard is occupied.
An attack is looming from the East of town.
As enemy troops arrive simultaneously before the West Gate.
Sharp Practice WotR is underway ! 

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  1. I might have to try this scenario too. Looks interesting and a good idea for the feuding during the Wars