Friday, 8 February 2013

Wars of the Roses, Lardy Style

The Battle of Lanceton.

This week has seen the continuation of the Wars of the Roses battle reported earlier this week, using "Wargaming with Silver Whistle's" amendments to the original rules.
I have to say, it worked seamlessly and his Bonus Deck suggestions were particularly effective.
Here's what happened ...
The Yorkist attack from the East takes shape with Lancastrian bowmen defending the road between the marshy area which denotes the Eastern boundary.
Meanwhile, the West Gate was stormed by Yorkist heavy infantry.
The defence held firm.
A similar attack took place on the marsh road with Lancastrian heavy infantry beating back the Yorkists..
The Lancastrian lord reinforced the West Gate with more heavy foot and a couple of knights.
Undeterred, Yorkist cavalry charged the West Gate.
But were sent packing.
Now, a large force of Yorkist heavy cavalry were urged on to join the fray in the East.
Their foot move aside for these brutes.
Just in time, a small force of Lancastrian horse arrive to try and hold the Yorkisy cavalry.
As Yorkist infantry outflank the marsh to the right.
The Lancastrians are pushed back into town.
Now the Yorkist knights can move in.
The Lancastrian lord commanding in the East tries to rally his men.
Villagers watch with interest.
And their leader decides to back the Yorkists.
Another attack is mounted in the West.
And just as the Lancastrian lord went to order his men back into action, the local priest stops everything to bless the troops !
At the other end of town, the Yorkist knights get stuck in the mud, slowing down their advance.
But finally get on the move again.
A few Lancastrians try to block their path
Yorkist hand gunners run out of ammo and have to return to the waggons.
Over in the North of town, Yorkist troops are greeted by more townsmen.
The Lancastrian knights have rallied and, though small in number, once more charge the Yorkists.
Yotkisy knights burst through the West Gate.
As foot clash in the South.
The Lancastrians push the knights back from the Gate.
The Yorkists are now firmly in control of half of the town.
Battle rages in front of the church.
The Lancastrian 2nd in Command is killed by Yorkist foot.
The Lancastrians are now hemmed into a corner
At this point, the townsfolk pounce and capture the Lancastrian commander - its all over !
I found this really enjoyable and the rules worked well.  Congratulations Silver Whistle - you should write an article on your WotR adaptation for the Lardies Summer Special !


  1. Nice battle report, you have quite a collection of figures and buildings, i really need to build some more! I'm also doing some 15th century stuff, inspired by the discovery of Richard III.
    Any more to come?

  2. Most definitely Maximilian, another scenario is set up on the table today which I hope to Blog before I go to the States on Friday. At the end of this business trip, I'm hoping to sidle off and visit Gettysburg for a couple of days

  3. A most desperate affair. Always good to see the commons intervening and playing a decisive role. Good luck with your travels in the states, I hope the beastly snow storm doesn't mess you up.

  4. Let's hope so Michael. I'm going to Kansas City first on 15th then coming back to Washington for Gettysburg on 20th February.

  5. Hi Stephen, thanks very much for the mention.

    I must say that I am pretty gobsmacked that someone else has actually used some rules that I have ammended, it has to be a first. The TFL have done all the hard work mind with SP and it was only a little tinkering on my behalf.

    It is good to know that we are reasonably local to each other and possibly get a game in at some point in the future. Having said that I don't game very often, only a handful of times a year.(roll on retirement and then hopefully game on a regular basis)

    Great blog BTW, hopefully see some pictures of Gettysburg on your blog when you get back.