Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cavalier Sunday 24th February 2013

Back from the USA !

Well, my trip to Kansas City and then Gettysburg via Washington DC went well and when I get some time, I will post some of the 300 pictures I took at Gettysburg.
In the meantime, I managed to get down to Tonbridge for the Cavalier 2013 wargames show.
And would you believe it, I bumped in to that famous boy band, Postie and the Rejects !  Here's proof that they were actually there ... 
Seriously though, it was good to meet them, having followed Ray's blog for some time, its nice  to actually meet the man behind the blog (Ray's on the left, by the way).
Cavalier is one of my favourite wargames shows, small as it is, most of the key traders are always present, there's always a good number of games going on, the B & B usually has something of interest and you always get a decent bacon butty upstairs !
It was nice to also see Henry Hyde who's full of enthusiasm about the relaunch of Miniature Wargames combined with Battlegames and I wish him well with this. 
My favourite purchase on the day were these ...
A complete regiment of Hinchliff French late Napoleonic Carabiniers bought from Neil Wilson for £30 complete with a couple of general officers too - more than to add these to my collection !


  1. What a bunch of retro-bates, not the bloke on the left of course!!!! T'was very nice to meet you Steve!!!

  2. That's a very suspect looking bunch of misfits in that first picture... Nice to meet you as well. Great blog by the way. Looking forward to seeing your Gettysburg pictures. +1 follower!

  3. Looking forward to the report on Second Battle of Hal from The Posties in due course as we will want to steal that one I suspect !

    Great to chat with you all on Sunday.

  4. The Carabiniers look great, better than those other dudes in the first photo! Really looking forward to the Gettysburg photos.