Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Regimental Fire & Fury game

Today, we had a go at Regimental Fire & Fury in 15mm as Steve Clarke and I have been building up enough forces for a battle.

Steve C set up a board with a Confederate supply base being defended by infantry and guns as Union troops attempt to capture the town and its supplies.

Here we see part of the supply base with Confederate infantry moving up to support the front line troops

Union troops enter the table - cavalry

And infantry in some strength

Under the watchful eye of their commander

The Confederate general spots the enemy advance

 and his first battery in prepared positions are ready

 another position is ready to be manned

 and infantry man a hastily constructed barricade

 the second artillery position manned, infantry occupy high ground in reserve

The first shots are fired

 And the first casualties caused

The Union cavalry move down the turnpike on the left

As infantry advance through the fields

Union infantry advance under fire

some are broken and retreat

Union guns move up

and one brave battery deploys within canister range of the Confederate defences

Union troops attack the hill over on their right

with support coming up behind

in the centre, a second Union battery deploys with infantry in extended lines ahead and besides

but fanatical Rebels roll in from the Union right and defeat not one

but two Union regiments, in one fell swoop destroying the attack the Federals had spent time building up

The Union commander decides to pull back his remaining forces for another day.

This set of rules seem to suit 15mm ACW perfectly for us and we will carry one with these for future games.

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