Wednesday, 1 October 2014

More of Borodino

I took so many pictures at the Wargames Holiday Centre, it would be churlish not to share more with you ...

This is early on when units are undisclosed

French line lancers come up in support of an attack

French Guard battery

 Heavy cavalry and limbered guns cheek by jowl with the infantry

With their right flank secure, more and more French units pore forward

This battery has taken some casualties, going by the white rings on the crew

Always a stirring sight - the Old Guard advance menacingly

 Russian cavalry move to head off the advancing French

French allied heavy cavalry look to join in the fray

Bring up the guns !

French Polish and Red lancers anxious to join in

I lost count of how many troops we had on the table !

The gunners have fled and this battery is about to fall

But the Russians never know when they are beaten

Russian Guard Grenadiers arrive on their left flank to stop the rot

Had enough yet ?!!

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