Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Borodino at the Wargames Holiday Centre

A four day campaign fought at the WHC at Kingsclere, near Basingstoke, Hampshire

Andreas & I receive our orders from C in C, Herbert.  Andreas & I have the Polish Corps and Ney's troops to attack the Russian left

My boys attack the Russian held village with Andreas's men sweeping around the right

There's plenty more Russians where they came from ... !

Here's a nice shot of a general advance ...

Our French boys have captured the village - time for a celebration !

Masses of French attacking the Russian centre - avoiding the Grand Redoubt though !

A great time was had by all (12 gamers took part) and Mark Freeth who runs the Wargames Holiday Centre is always the perfect host - thanks a million, Mark

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  1. Look fantastic Stephen - wonderful pictures and always good to see a smiling eagle bearer!!