Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Vortiporius v Aart

 A new Dux Britanniarum battle - a prelude to another campaign perhaps, with two new Leaders :- Vortiporious for the British and Aart for the Saxons

The British forces dash towards a threatened village

Probably not too soon either for here come the Saxons

Warriors and Elites to the fore

The Saxons cross the fields rapidly

Jump the walls and skirmishers are sent around the top of the village

The British reach the other end of the village with their slingers skirting the southern edge

Whilst the Saxons led by Aart the Lustful ready for the attack

The inn keeper, Murrius, doesn't care who comes to buy a drink !

Hmmm ... Looks like it might be the Saxons

Suddenly the British elite troops dash into the centre of the village and straight into combat with twice their number of Saxon warriors

A formation of British levy rush to support them 

Meanwhile, British slingers and levy watch the Saxon lord enter the village with his warriors

Vortiporious and his warriors make their move

and the Saxons are pushed back, their formation broken

Vortiporious then picks off individual groups of Saxons

An ignominious end for Aart - last seen running away through the fields with his champion, Frithwald

Looks like this part of Britannia is safe for another month or two then !

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