Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wars of the Roses, Sword & the Spear style

Our first attempt at using Sword & Spear rules. Bought after hearing the rave review on Meeples & Miniatures podcast.

Here are the stats for the various forces available for the period

Two sides of the same strength on a plain battlefield, to test the mechanisms.

Each side had a unit of heavy cavalry

and a unit of mounted Men at Arms

Like facing like.

My troops getting the first dice advantage send their spearmen and hand gunners & crossbowmen forwards

Our gun prepares to fire

Our Men at Arms charge the enemy counterpart

The enemy crossbowmen are the first to break with excess casualties

after an onslaught by our crossbows

The cavalry battle continues

Over on my left, our knights charge the enemy knights with bowmen advancing in support

The enemy gunners start to take casualties

The enemy knights are beaten

and next our knights destroy the enemy bowmen

Eventually, the enemy Men at Arms break too

 Our spearmen advance on the enemy


Whilst our hand gunners and crossbowmen head for the enemy gun and footmen

Our spearmen break the enemy spears

Our Commander urges on the attack knowing the enemy are crumbling fast

With more than half of their force strength dissipated, the enemy call it a day.

All troops used are from Steve Clarke's collection.

What do we think ?  A slick, clever, simple game mechanism which we picked up quickly.  Enjoyable enough to want to play again soon - can see why it has made such a splash on the war-game scene. Recommended.

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