Tuesday, 18 September 2012


The War Room : Shelves

I've had a request to show the shelves of troops in my War Room.  Well, its actually two rooms ; one where the battles take place and the other a painting/construction/store room.
It is the latter where the shelves are.  When the rooms were built in the attic, I thought I had enough shelf space to display my complete collection - wrong !!!
Planes, ships, tanks, WWI & WWII stuff are still hidden away in cupboards and boxes and only see the light of day when needed to fight.  Oh well, it is better than it was ...

These are Seven Years War/Lace Wars with ACW on the bottom shelf.

A slightly closer view of the same

More Seven Years War with Renaissance types below being sorted out for a game of Condottiere

A closer look at these.


With a close-up

English Civil Wars and Medieaval below.

Here's a closer shot of them.

A Mixed bag here : AWI, Indian Mutiny & French Imperial Guard plus Artillery.

Any excuse to show the elephants !

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