Wednesday, 19 September 2012


The Devil's Wind

An Indian Mutiny Sharp Practice Game.

Since Sharp Practice came out, we have had great fun with Indian Mutiny versions of the rules and Too Fat Lardies are quite far advanced with a special supplement to the rules which we have play tested.
The British have to identify and unmask any Rebels and either get them back under control or disperse them.  Often, there are British civilians that need to be rescued into the bargain. 

Here an unlucky band of rebels have been caught red handed by a much larger contingent of British.

But other bands appear.

Some are small in number and not a big threat.

Others are inspired by rebel leaders into action.

This group has been charged by the British before they can cause trouble.

So far, so good.

A larger force make for the buildings.

These look like trouble too.

This band are massing too close to the civilians !

Lady Sale organises them to resist.

And they safely return to the British lines.

A good solid firing line should do the trick.

A British officer reorganises his men.

But no !  Two British women are in danger.

The Sailors and
Gurkhas are dispatched to deal with this latest menace.

Whilst the troops on the left hold the line.

The British officer tries to retrieve the Sepoys.

But in the end they have to be chased off.

The isolated officer is now threatened by a new group of Sepoys.

A lethal volley from the left gives them something to think about. 

The saailors and gurkhas close in.

A final attempt by mutineer leaders to rally their men.

The British troops in front of the armoury gates fire again.

The last of the Pandies are seen off by the redcoats.

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