Friday, 21 September 2012


The King's Headquarters.

Oxford 1642.

Your Majesty, the army is ready... but we cannot march.
What do you mean we cannot march ?  Get on with it !  We have a war to win, don't you know ?
But Majesty, we do not know how to do it - we have not received the necessary information from Sir Richard Clarke - movement, firing, melee, morale ... it all still remains a mystery.
Dammit man, can't you just use the old Dux Britanniarum regulations ?
No Sire, things have moved on so much since then, we need the up to the minute ones Sir Richard has been penning under the code name "In The Buff".
"In The Buff" ?  What kind of regulations are these ?  If Queen Henrietta hears about this, she'll be sure to cut off my Crown Jewels !
Well hurry him up before those damned Traitors in the pay of Parliament come any nearer - that's my Royal Command.
A courier was dispatched to St.Albans post haste with these orders.
Surely even Sir Richard cannot tarry any longer in the face of such a command ?

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  1. Very funny!! Surely Rich will do something about it.