Saturday, 22 September 2012


Outskirts of Vyazma.

The Germans have pushed the Soviets back and this could be the final battle in this campaign.

 German "blinds" appear.

German Mountain troops clash with Soviet troops.

Here is an armoured train the Germans knew nothing about !

A mad dash across country uncloaks German trucks & infantry.

Meanwhile, German armour thrusts it way towards the railyards.

A nasty shock awaits the Germans: artillery & MGs on the hill overlooking their assault.

And more Soviets coming from the East.

A German tank pays the ultimate price.

Meanwhile, the Soviet guns wreak havoc amongst the massed Germans below.

The only two tanks the Russians possess are taken out by German armour.

German mortars & MGs are decimated in their exposed positions.

The German Mountaineers mass for an attack.

An ill-conceived attack by Soviet infantry leaves few survivors.

The train tried to leave the railyards but loses the lead truck.

Russian troops de-train and make for the warehouses.

Just as another truck explodes.

German & Soviet infantry slug it out.

A Soviet "human wave" fails to make contact - and they have no ammo either !

Tanks & Assault Engineers make short work of them.

German horse-drawn artillery deployed beside the railway line.

Here the Germans have taken one of the buildings.

The Germans close in.

This is why the Russian tanks did not survive !

Russian troops head for the woods after losing a melee.

But some have the courage to attack tanks.

The Engineers are in the half-tracks whereas No.1 Platoon is on foot with the HQ men.

It was all too much for the Soviet forces in the end.

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