Thursday, 18 August 2016

We were all round at Mike's last night, giving his war-games shed an airing. He'd laid out a scenario for us to fight - the Prussian rearguard holding up Napoleon's troops before the Battle of Ligny.

Richard, Martin & I were French, Wes & Ian had the Prussians & Mike umpiring.

Here's the proud owner of said shed

Here we see the attacking French forces

and this is the view along the Prussian lines

Prussian batteries all set up ready to fire

with Uhlans in reserve

The French drums rumble and my columns are ordered to charge across the open ground

Wes and Ian can't believe it !

Actually nor can Richard and Martin !

I've also got control of the Cuirassiers and Dragoons on our right flank - will I be able to resist charging them too ?

Right, the infantry are off supported by Hussars

A bold leap across the field straight into the enemy guns and infantry

Which probably explains why two of my units have been blown away by canister and close range musket fire !

A lone horse gun has ventured forward too

Probably because my Hussars have charged a Prussian unit - which manages to get into square in the nick of time 

Martin now gets his infantry forward in the centre

My Hussars have "bounced" off the Prussian square and returned to our lines

No, I couldn't resist it - the Cuirassiers and Dragoons have charged in too

The Prussian lines are holding steady

as more troops appear on the road to assist Wes

Yep, the Cuirassiers have "bounced" too !

Richard is having far more success on our left with his infantry over the hedges and chasing Prussian infantry - his lancers have decided to join in too.

Here's Martin's columns getting to grips with the Prussian lines

This turns into quite a slog

All quiet on my side (having pretty much destroyed my command !)

French confidence is high - but dusk is approaching and the Prussians just need to hold on until then.

One Prussian infantry regiment is destroyed and the French move onto the one behind

But Mike announces that the sun has gone down and as the Prussians still hold their ground, they have won.

My only consolation was that Mike had laid on some great pizza and sandwiches for us - comfort food for the defeated !


  1. very nice too, I wished I got more Napoleonic gaming in but its a case of too many scales, even more rules and conflicting opinions about what rules work best for the era.

  2. Well done Steve I see you are keeping to your tried and tested tactic. Good report. Looking forward to the ACW game on Tuesday. I will get the Union Army of the Blackwater to start digging in to get ready for you advance.