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The Battle of Hubbardton: Save the Guns !

This Sharp Practice game was based upon the above which took place on 7th July 1777, the only battle of the AWI which took place in what is now Vermont.

American Colonel Ebenezer Frazer has been tasked with extracting two gun batteries before the British under Brigadier Simon Fraser catch up with them.

Steve Clarke won the toss and elected to be the British attacker. We scaled the forces down to work for Sharp Practice so he had a group of Loyalist Rangers & a group of Indian Allies commanded by Lt.Col. John Peters, two groups of Grenadiers under Major John Acland.

Major General Reidesel with Brunswick Jaegers and Advance Guard is further down the road also two groups of 24th Foot and more Brunswickers.

This is the view from beyond the American position. The guns have to exit from one of these roads.

The British coming down the road with Rangers and Indians already on the high ground either side of the road.

American skirmishers are spread out in front of their guns and formed troops comprising Warner's Additional Continentals (two groups under Col. Seth Warner), 2nd New Hampshire (two groups under Col. Nathan Hale) and 11th Massachussets (two groups under Major Stevens)

The guns commanded by Captain Brook trundle down the road

Two 6 pounders & two 12 pounders.

First fire - The Indians hit the American skirmishers

and the American sergeant is one of the casualties - stunned not dead.

This encourages the guns to move along a bit !

They decide to take the right fork, covered by the infantry

Major Acland's Grenadiers move up

and the American skirmish line retreats

The first gun enters the road fork

The Indians rush the Americans

as the Grenadiers step out

Colonel Francis holds his Continentals in position for now

The guns get another move putting them in sight of the exit point

Reidesel now arrives with the Brunswickers, just behind the Grenadiers

Light troops still firing from the high ground

joined by Jaegers

With Loyalists alongside, the Grenadiers push on

Francis decides to concede ground as the guns are making good progress

The terrifying Indians give chase as the American skirmishers decide they do not wish to tackle their tomahawks !

The Indians are indeed well ahead of the main force

and they are pretty good shots - this American skirmish group is finished !

Pushing on through the trees, Acland hears the 24th Foot coming up in support

The Indians charge ahead again trying to create panic in the American lines

Which back off steadily towards the road fork

The first of the guns has now exited. Brook is doing a good job.

Just as well, because the pressure on the Continentals is now immense - The 11th Massachussets are on the road and are ready to march off

Warner's men are trying to hold off the British as long as they can

Now the Loyalist Rangers rush forwards towards Nathan Hale's New Hampshires

The Grenadiers & 24th Foot advance side by side

as the Indians keep up the pressure on their left

Backs to the road junction, extracting all the troops is going to be a challenge for Francis

But at least the guns have gone - his main purpose.

Jaegers skirmish from amongst the trees

as the Brunswick line troops march on

Warner's troops are taking casualties now from the combined fire power of the Grenadiers and 24th Foot

as the Indians make for the fence line where two American units are attempting to escape

Controlled volleys by the British are very effective

The Indians are now into the woods nearest the rail fencing

With the Massachussets boys having exited, Warner'  poor boys are getting hit from all directions and the Indians are itching to get to grips with them

They break with heavy losses - an ironic wave from Nathan Hale whose horse has gone lame and he is therefore the last to leave the battlefield

Colonel Francis having chosen the other fork and accompanied the New Hampshires in their retreat

Another great game of Sharp Practice with better understanding and use of the Command Flags.

Frustrating for Steve as for all the British aggression, all the Americans had to do was get the guns away - and this they did thanks to use of the bonus moves when four "flags" have been accumulated - those of you playing SP will know what this means, those that don't - why aren't you playing Sharp Practice yet !!!

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  1. Splendid report, Stephen! Looks like a terrific game!