Sunday, 14 August 2016

Renaissance "Pike & Shotte" game at the club

Allan dreamed up this clash - Mike, Allan and I brought along a mixture of troops to fight a fictional battle, Allan supplied the church and farm to add some extra features to fight over.

Allan had on his "French" side Martin and Richard whereas Mike, Ian, Wes and I had a German Mercenary army.

Purpose of the day - well, to beat the enemy of course !

On the left, the Mercenaries ...

... and t'other side of the board, the French

I had the Mercenary right wing

Facing Richard's French wing

Here's Martin on the French right wondering what the heck to do (watched by Allan)

The rather impressive French artillery battery

and some nasty looking pike blocks

French command base

Richard's men begin a rapid advance towards my command

Martin's men advance with a gun alongside

and this is the French centre

Colourful French Gendarmes

We seem to have a few onlookers !

Here's Wes, Mike and Ian busy moving our troops

While Richard and Martin ponder

Richard's pike blocks and crossbowmen are now level with the church and the farm

a menacing looking attack

some skirmishers have occupied the churchyard

Mike and Ian advance our troops in the centre

an oasis of calm - but not for much longer !

The French guns were effective throughout the game, even at long range

Mike's men get around the churchyard

Wes has to deal with this lot !

and his men scramble forwards

Fench commanders urge their men towards the church

Prepare to fire !

Mike's men occupy the churchyard in force

Cavalry and pike move up together

Richard's pikemen force our hand gunners to retire

but the pikemen surge forwards to take on the enemy pikes

The Mercenaries get one unit on the enemy flank

Whilst this is all going on, Martin has coaxed his troops in the centre forward

He needs to get his Halbediers to attack the churchyard as the light troops in front do not have enough "punch"

My pikemen throw back one enemy unit as the others are locked in even combat

Ian's boys have defeated the pikes opposite them

and now for the funniest moment (for me !) My gunners have inflicted serious damage on the enemy crossbowmen to their front - and the enemy overall commander, no less than the King of France is attached.   Result ? Bowmen and King disappear from the field !!!

Bye bye Your Majesty !

 Richard removes the last of his pike blocks - the enemy left wing has been beaten.

Lots of empty space in front of our right position now.

Still plenty of enemy in the middle though and Wes has had to fight long and hard here against Martin's men.

This has ebbed and flowed but the Mercenaries seem to be getting the upper hand.

Fresh impetus from Martin - attack the churchyard !

Our light cavalry appear to be parading in front of our guns as if the battle is already won.

Its all hinging on the outcome of the centre

The troops hear their leader and the halbediers are to go ahead

The enemy high water mark - halbediers battle for the churchyard

as Gendarmes make one more charge

but the French right wing is under pressure

Ferocious fighting at the churchyard wall

Ian's troops move to add their weight to the right of the churchyard

These French Gendarmes have been sent to keep my cavalry away from the French guns which were looking quite exposed 

Can the German Mercenaries hold the churchyard ?

all eyes are on this tussle

Nervous French commanders look at each other

The Oriflamme is waved to encourage them

Wes's men attack again on our left just as the cry goes up "the French Halbediers have broken off from their attack"  The churchyard has been held.

This was enough for the French to admit defeat - they will withdraw behind a cavalry screen and leave the field of battle to the Mercenaries.

Another enjoyable game of Pike & Shotte.

Next up, a Napoleonic game round at Mike's on Wednesday - living the dream at the moment !

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  1. Hi Steve
    Looks like a great game. Sorry to have missed it. I am off to Terry's on Wednesday for more Dux or Chain of Command.