Sunday, 3 January 2016

Writtle : Back of Beyond

Not a comment on the location of our war-games club, rather what we played there today (before the AGM)

Here's the rules ...

Here's the players - Wes, Steve and Rafael ...

The Warlord Chinese start line

and the view from the Bolshevik side 

The Chinese armoured car advances and opens fire on the Bolshevik machine gun straight ahead

and takes them out before they can cause any mischief

Chinese troops and Bolshevik sailors tussle for control of the village

The Chinese get the upper hand

and get the village but at a heck of a cost

Chinese "dare to die" troops get into some cover behind a copse of trees 

whilst their spear carrying militia get to the woods on the right of the battlefield

The Chinese cavalry fill the gap between them, so the line is advanced ...

Chinese irregular cavalry move up behind their armoured car

and more infantry advance in the centre

The Chinese aim their field artillery piece beyond the village

Over on the Bolshevik side, infantry take some high ground to the right of the village, facing the Chinese armoured car & cavalry

Russian troops move up on their left, cavalry to the fore

as the Bolshevik artillery go for different targets

Chinese cavalry attack Bolshevik infantry at the edge of the woods

and wipe them out !

The Chinese irregular cavalry gallop forwards to the left of the village

but get shot up by the infantry on the hill ! 50% casualties from one volley.

Following up this success, Bolshevik cavalry charge into the depleted Chinese cavalry

and destroy them !

to add to their woes, the Chinese now see their armoured car bombed by charging Russian infantry

Undeterred, the Chinese cavalry over on the other flank charge towards the Russian guns

backed up by the Chinese spear armed militia

The Chinese war lord leads the "dare to die" troops into the village

Just in the nick of time as the Bolshevik infantry have also been ordered forwards

The Russian gunners are attacked and wiped out

Supported by riflemen firing from a house, the "dare to die" troops and Bolsheviks fight it out around the village

The blood thirsty Chinese swordsmen win this convincingly and victory is secured for the War lord !


On the table behind us, the lads were fighting an English Civil War battle using Black Powder rules ...

Elsewhere, two 15mm Napoleonic games were being fought

as well as 15mm Ancients and Knights on other tables

All in all, a well attended club meeting.


  1. All good stuff. Happy New Year!

  2. What an appealing looking game and rules!