Sunday, 31 January 2016

Franco-Prussian War battle

Entirely made up battle by Martin at the Writtle Club using 10mm troops.

Basically, the French are trying to withdraw down the road in the centre with Prussian forces coming in from both sides.  Allan and Peter Grimwood had the French, Colin had Prussians over on the far side whilst Mike and I shared the Hanoverians nearest the picture.

Yes, that is a miniature train chuffing its way along the track going diagonally across the board !

French troops in and behind a hilltop village

A Zoave brigade, skirmishers to the fore 

French cavalry in reserve

The Prussians start and move ahead in column

French forces facing our Hanoverians, covering the road.

Aggressive French cavalry head our way !

A French defensive line behind hedges

French artillery on a commanding height

Our Hanoverians move through the woods, flanked by Lancers

A big wide open "killing ground" between the forces

More massed cavalry

A view straight through the middle of the French defensive position

The Hanoverian cavalry keep abreast of the infantry as we face the oncoming French cavalry and foot

French cavalry try to charge our infantry lining the woods but that is a "no no" ! They depart.

The Prussians move up over on the other side (the bulk of our strength was there the idea being Mike and I handle the anvil whilst Colin is the hammer blow - that was the theory anyway !

Prussian columns now locking horns with French defenders 

Meanwhile, my troops are getting shot at in the woods by artillery and infantry with longer range weapons than we have !

Hanoverians line the woods waiting for a chance to reply

 Cavalry melee ! This actually went my way - unlike the infantry fight.

My reserve brigade tangles with French troops in the "killing fields" Unfortunately it was the French doing the killing !

With only my cavalry left skulking on the right I was sacked - OK I had to go home to feed the dog but I left the boys to it. I wonder if our plan worked ?  Hope the Prussians came and took revenge afterwards !

I think Mike was OK over on my left with his massed batteries of artillery and infantry gradually advancing so he should have been able to hold on until the Prussians came crashing across the road.

Other games going on :-

A DBR Renaissance battle in 15mm between Wes and Steve Clarke using Rafael's figures

They were using DBR rules

And at the back of the hall, a "To The Strongest" medieval game in 20mm

All in all, another good day at Essex Warriors.


  1. Well done. Sounds like a good game. I wish I had been able to watch some of it!

  2. Well done. Sounds like a good game. I wish I had been able to watch some of it!