Monday, 18 January 2016

Crossing the Coa - a "Black Powder" game

With a nod to General "Black Bob" Craufurd's escape across the River Coa ...

Here we see a column of British troops winding their way across a ford and then two bridges to get to the safety of the other side of the river.

When French skirmishers appear on some high ground, they know the enemy has caught them up !

Brunswick Hussars keep a watchful eye to the West

as infantry and guns make for the bridges

Craufurd watches proceedings and keeps an eye out for the advancing enemy.

Meanwhile, the local pub landlord, El Murrio, hopes there might be some extra business !

Suddenly, a French horse gun hives into sight and French Chasseurs a Cheval are spied in the distance

French ADCs and some skirmishers now appear before the British - which means more can't be far behind !

The Brunswickers do not hesitate and charge the French light cavalrymen

Craufurd encourages one brigade to get over the bridge without delay

as more British troops appear at the ford - foot artillery and KGL Hussars.

The French Chasseurs are repelled with casualties

and they are disordered by the recent clash

Sure enough, French infantry now emerge onto the battlefield screened by skirmishers

The British gunners have managed to get their pieces across the ford and the KGL Hussars are in mid stream

The Brunswick Hussar officer decides to take advantage and crashes into the Chasseurs again

Another brigade of British infantry heads for the ford

The Brunswicker had made the right decision as the French cavalry are completely destroyed this time & their horse artillery looks stranded ! 

The British artillery commander decides to halt the guns and open fire on the advancing French infantry

with impressive results !

We have a traffic jam at the ford because the Hussars have been hit by French skirmishers causing some disorder as the Hussars "freeze".

Sorry - a couple of blurry shots of a French infantry attack against a British line

in all the excitement, I hadn't noticed the camera shake !

 The British line fires but is unable to stop the French columns

Craufurd has managed to get three Battalions over the river

But he still has a lot of troops stranded the wrong side of the ford, until the Hussars get their act together

French lancers have now come up to support their infantry

The French column attack has forced back the British line with casualties

but both sides are disordered for now.

The Lancers decide to advance on the guns.

Now the British have a problem - their beaten regiment has gone leaving the rest of the brigade trying to get across the bridge

At last the KGL Hussars get organised, cross the ford and charge the advancing French lines of infantry

with devastating effect ! And the French lancers have been disordered by the British gunners !

Having recovered their enthusiasm, the Brunswick Hussars form up and charge the French infantry which had taken out a British regiment

and they beat them !

This leaves one French regiment exchanging fire with the British across the other side of the Coa with  enemy cavalry threatening their flank.

The French lancers are intact but disordered and now faced with jubilant KGL Hussars and British artillery priming their guns again. 

The remaining French skirmishers decide its time to leave the area 

and the French commanders agree that this day is not to be theirs

The rest of the British forces get across the ford and head for the bridges without further trouble.

This was the final moment for the French infantry with Brunswick swords sacking them over the head

and here's a very happy KGL Hussar officer who knows he's going to get at least a pat on the back from Craufurd !

Depressed French gunners watch their countrymen getting a pasting ! 

and the KGL Hussars shadow the retreating French lancers

Craufurd should also be proud of his gunners today. They broke up two enemy attacks, both infantry and cavalry, allowing the infantry to make for the bridges.

Surely, El Murrio will get some thirsty customers at the inn now ?

The Rifles guard the bridge as evening comes

together with other light bobs on the other bridge.

The KGL Hussars are definitely making their way over to El Murrio's establishment !

No booze for the French who have to make a hasty withdrawal.

Steve Clarke took the part of the French today and Yours Truly had the British to handle. All good fun and we now have a good feel for Black Powder after two games in two days ! 


  1. Well done Steve another good report. Only just downloaded my pictures

  2. Smashing! The Brunswickers had a superb day.