Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Picts Are Coming !

Too Fat Lardies Dux Britanniarum today, using the Picts, Scotti & Irish Raiders Supplement.

Allan brought along his Pictish force and Bob assisted him in the game, I had my usual Romano-British.

The Picts were raiding and seeking treasure trove in the village under attack.

During the pre-combat stage, we both gave our men drinks, which helped the Picts more - their morale went up two points, we got bonuses in combat, so I then got our Champion to challenge their Champion to single combat !

This did not go well, so I pulled him out whilst he was still alive at the cost of more morale boosts for the Picts. So, onto the raid, the Picts came on where the cards are located on the picture below, one full turn before any British arrive which will be on the road to the left.

First to appear, Pictish raider cavalry

followed by a small skirmish unit which rushes the nearest cottage.

I then get one of my Nobles on with two Levy groups, quickly put into a formation.

Pict foot now appear, two groups of them

and the Pict Lord with his Champion.

Next, Pict crossbowmen dash forwards to harass my Levy 

The British Lord throws forward a third Levy group to form a big shield wall formation to threaten the approaching enemy warriors also now in formation

The Pict crossbowmen are now firing at the British formation from the flank to negate the shield wall protection.

Charge ! the British move forward once - Levy in this formation are difficult to shift !

Both Lords are pitching in with their Champions but the shield wall is effective and the Picts struggle to inflict any damage on the British.

The Picts are pushed back and the British continue their attack but accumulate some shock this time.

While this is going on, the Picts have managed to get some of their skirmishers to start searching the village for treasure.

The fight continues between the two formations continues afresh.

But the British shield wall proves effective again and the Picts are thrown back with casualties.

The Pictish skirmishers have given up the search and now turn to throw their spears at the approaching British warriors

and a fresh group of warriors are called over to assist the battered Pictish formation

With shock now exceeding men, the British shield wall is also forced to retire, broken but the Picts are in no shape to take advantage of this.

British warriors dash towards the enemy on the village road as the British Lord reforms the shield wall.

By this stage, Bob and Allan concede that their force is unable to beat the British and get to raid the village properly - they withdraw leaving the village safe and sound in British hands.

Another absorbing game needing deft use of the fate cards - and stubborn British Levy saved the day!

Other games going on around us - Steve and Ian were fighting a Peninsular Sharp Practice game

Steve's French attacking across a river

Ian defending a village

This ended with a British victory

and across the hall, a 28mm Sudan game - can't recall what rules they were using.

Very eye catching though !

All in all, eight separate battles were going on in Writtle today - a good turn out but no pictures of the others.


  1. Excellent looking game...both of them.

  2. Different and great looking games, love your Picts!

  3. Hi there. I was browsing Gd’A threads and came across yours, as the name caught my eye. Norsey - I live near Norsey Woods. What a coincidence. Then I read your blog and find that you are, indeed, in Billericay. A fellow Napoleonic gamer in Billericay - small world. So if you wanted to chat it might be fun to catch up. Marc

  4. Hi Marc, we have a number of Gd'A players at Essex Warriors if you are interested in coming along to Writtle indeed, I play tested the rules down at the Wargames Holiday Centre with the author, Dave Brown, a couple of years ago. I must admit though at present my group are more involved in Black Powder !

  5. Sounds good - my friends and I are just moving away from BP (I was using the Contemptible Little Army modifications - highly recommended), but want to go for something more Napoleonic. Big fan of GdeB, so Gd'A seemed a sensible stepping stone. When is good to visit Writtle - I know there is an open day, but is there a game calendar, or are games solidly booked normally?

  6. Check out Essex Warriors on social media, Marc for club dates - you are always welcome to come along as there will be various games going on at any meeting. Alternatively, e-mail me on to arrange a game