Friday, 5 January 2018

Battle of Olustee : ACW Regimental Fire & Fury

Our first game of 2018 !

A few of us gathered at Rafael's house today for a 15mm ACW game - Mike & Ian being the Federal commanders and I had the Rebs (sometimes assisted by Rafael who was also umpiring !). All troops and terrain from Rafael's collection.

View from the Federal end

Columns of troops heading down rail tracks as well as roads !

The town of Olustee in the background

Patches of marsh and swamp making going difficult in parts, beside Olustee

but much of the battlefield is open woodland

The Rebs have a defence line in front of town.

With cavalry out on the left flank

Georgian 6th, 64th, 28th & 19th infantry regiments block the way to town supported by artillery.

This is what the Rebs have to prevent being captured.

Here's Rafael with the seated Federal commanders, Ian & Mike.

A lone Reb commander in fitting grey shirt joins the fray.

The Georgians are supposed to be defending - but not on my watch ! Charge - the isolated 7th Connecticut prove too much of a temptation.

We receive closing fire but still get in with cold steel

and the Federals are thrown back to the fence line.

Now more Rebs arrive, 23rd Georgia, Wheaton's Battery and elements of Gueard's battery.

These are all piling up the road beside the rail track.

The Federals have taken up a line behind fences and trees, Elder's battery lending support to dismounted Massachusetts cavalry and the 7th Connecticut as the Rebs continue to press forwards 

as two regiments of New Hampshire infantry arrive in support

The Rebel yell sounds again

The Georgians attack again

A march column of 8th USCT head up the rail line towards the action

Yet more Rebs - Brig. General Harrison with 1st Georgia, 32nd Georgia and the rest of Guerard's battery.

This time the Georgians have met their match and been thrown back from the fence line

Action has yet to start on the Rebel left as 6th Georgia make their way towards the dismounted cavalry of 40th Mass.

It all seems to pin on the outcome of the Federal defence line in the centre of the battlefield.

Over on the Federal right flank, the dismounted infantry give fire on the approaching enemy, keeping a wary eye out for the Confederates coming through the trees.

Brig. General Barton now arrives with a brigade of New Yorkers and Langdon's battery of artillery.

so the Federal line strengthens

the 8th USCT have formed line now on the Federal left as the Rebs muster for another attack

The 6th Georgians attack the dismounted Federals but get disordered from incoming fire

as 6th Florida charge the dismounted Federal cavalry behind the fencing left of centre.

Confederate Brig. General Colquitt urges the men on

6th Georgia are beaten back

but the Florida infantry win their melee and clamber over the fences

Its ferocious hand-to-hand fighting now with several regiments engaged on both sides

Against the odds, the green 8th USCT beat off the rebel attack !

as the 28th Georgians now have to face more Federal infantry beyond the fences

The rebel line now looks quite ragged as units are having to fall back and reform

but there's enough of them to hold off the Federals.

Just in time, the Confederate leader, General Finegan arrives with reinforcements, 1st Florida, 27th Georgia & 28th Georgia Heavy Artillery and a much needed ammo wagon - two guns and one infantry unit have run out !

Despite Union Brig. General Montgomery arriving with 1st North Carolina, 54th Massachusetts and an ammo wagon, the Federals are unable to break through the Rebel positions to Olustee. 

As casualties are high on both sides and neither able to master the battlefield, Rafael declares it a draw late in the afternoon.

An enjoyable day of Regimental Fire and Fury, thanks to our genial host, Rafael.

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  1. Some great looking figures there. Looks like a hard fought game.