Saturday, 11 November 2017

Von Luck Campaign : Game Three

Ian and I managed at last to get together to continue our Chain of Command campaign in Normandy.

This scene is called "The Corridor of Death" as the British paras have managed to establish themselves in a built up area of solid Norman houses and high, strong walls - to give them some protection from the lethal MG42s !

This is the view from behind the British position - the troops are concealed !

During the patrol phase of the game, the front line was established across from the large barn in the foreground across to the walls beyond the crossroads.

The Paras have erected a roadblock between two buildings to prevent German armour or transport getting through.

Just as well, as Ian has selected a Self propelled gun as a support element.

Having spotted gun fire from an upstairs window,  the SP gun commences fire

The first of many shells to hit this building, where indeed a Para section is situated.

They had fired at a German squad trying to out flank the British positions - very effective fire casing casualties and pinning the Panzer grenadiers.

But there was no time to celebrate, some shells from the SP gun have caused the building to catch fire and collapse, killing some Paras and the rest have to get out quick !

Its just a pile of rubble in no time - a shocked and depleted Para unit is behind it.

Taking advantage of this, more Germans rush across the fields

They occupy the ruins and kill the Paras behind but before they can get established, the British CO orders a charge from the buildings across the street, with him in the lead !

The result is that the Germans are destroyed and the Paras recapture the ruins - the result of this melee is that German moral has plummeted to just 1 - they are nearly done for.

The British CO sends more men into a high building behind and their shooting finishes off some retreating Germans to get their Morale down to zero - just as well as British morale was nearly done for too !

Both sides have to lick their wounds. The fact that the Germans have been thrown back means that this town has to be fought for again.

Ian is re-thinking what support he will use next time. As for the Paras, they have very little in the way of support - can they hang on again ?


  1. Quite the scrap! From other accounts I've read, the von Luck is a difficult one for the Para's. Well done on gaining the win!

  2. Yes indeed, we were getting shot to pieces in the first two games !

  3. Lovely stuff! Looks great and I enjoyed the report.