Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Take Sorok or else !

Today, Steve C and I returned to our I Aint Been Shot Mum WWII campaign - the Germans had pushed the Soviets back last time and the battle has moved on to the small town of Sorok which guards a ford crossing.

Sorok viewed from the German end- this has to be captured and the enemy ejected.

and from the Soviet end beyond the ford

First unit to be spotted is a Panzer Grenadier "Zug" in half-tracks.

Followed by Panthers !

Oh ... and more Panthers !

No finesse here ... they decide to destroy the Russian cottages in their way

Devastating - one is demolished but no sign of Russian casualties here.

More 75mm tank gun fire

puts paid to the one stone building in town - no casualties again.

Where are these Commies ?

More half-tracks are "spotted", this time on the left.

A German command half-track follows.

The Panthers keep up their attack

A third house is blown to smithereens.

At last - Russians ! They uncloak to fire from the small wood beside the river - Anti-tank rifles !

Target the half-tracks approaching them.

Their CO is also in these woods.

Success ! The lead command half track is hit. 

Hidden in one of the wheat fields, two Russian guns open fire on the enemy trying to outflank the town.

The oblong of MDF is to remind us they are dug in !

 Bang !  One half-track erupts in flames and another has taken damage too.

Those infantry still alive leap out.

The lead half-track has got engine damage & shock.

The sound of gun fire attracts two Panthers.

Which engage the enemy anti-tank guns.

But line of sight is difficult with all these burning half-tracks in the way.

 Two Panthers move into town and also aim at the enemy guns. 

Some of the Panzer Grenadiers have made it into the ruins of the small church.

A Russian anti-tank rifle feels the heat from a German mortar battery

This crazy German "Dynamic Leader" has clambered onto a house to direct fire !

A Panther has taken out one of the Russian anti-tank guns

A dash forwards by three German half-tracks with MGs mounted on the front, pepper the woods and hit the Russian HQ unit.

A Panther gets in amongst the buildings

and discovers a Russian infantry unit in its path !

This could be awkward !

The German tank commander has dashed forwards to engage the remaining enemy anti-tank gun.

Firing as he goes, the gunners are reduced to two crew.

And then a double six throw sees this go up in flames.

With the Russian infantry fleeing before the advancing German armour and totally outgunned, the town falls to the German force.

It was not an equal contest - but who knows what is coming next - well, we do because we have looked at the next scenario and the T-34s are back.

Tank fest !


  1. Feel sorry for those Russians - with such a lot of high quality German armour, they didn't stand much of a chance!

  2. The Russians may have been outgunned, but they put up a good fight. Looking forward to more.