Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Essex Warriors Club Day 3rd September

Well, as Martin turned up with his Thirty Years War stuff, the "Plan B" Black Powder Napoleonic game was shelved as some of the lads wanted a Pike & Shotte game.

As I had a wedding to go to in the afternoon, I opted out of playing any games just contented myself with taking a few photos.

Here's their battlefield with the armies facing each other

A casualty receiving attention from an early surgeon

Commanders issuing written orders

Emplaced artillery

Another command stand

General shots of the combatants

A nice frame gun

A big cavalry clash (with an annoying tea cup spoiling the shot !)

Clash of infantry in the centre of the battlefield

Meanwhile, Rafael and Steve C were fighting a 15mm ACW "Regimental Fire & Fury" scenario - the Wheatfield at Gettysburg. This view is from the Federal side.

The opposite view - behind the Confederate lines.

The infantry set-to

And clash in the woods too.

A serious looking Federal commander

The only artillery present - Bigelow's Federal battery.

The Union troops charge the Confederates pushing them back to the wall.

But they are beaten back

Here's the scenario detail from the book.

Federal general orders another attack.

Here they go again !

At the other end of the room, Steve Nutt's group had a 15mm Far East game - Japanese troops attacking from the left of this shot

More pics of the ACW game

I gather they fought each other to a stand still so no out right winner.

Next up, WWII Eastern Front at my house ...

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