Friday, 22 July 2016

Two Raids in a Day - Dux Britanniarum

Steve Clarke and Terry Drewett have been fighting a DuxBrit campaign "somewhere up North" and yesterday a game was arranged at Steve's place and I played the part of Bede recording the action (and joining in on the Romano-British side).

Steve has a Saxon force led by Aelwald, accompanied by his Champion, Eadwulf and Terry has the Roman-British under Ieuan and his Champion Medraut.

This was fought using Terry's superb 15mm collection on Steve's new made to measure battle mat !

We started with a farm raid by the Saxons. Steve's men are at the pond when the action starts

Steve activates his men and the farm is in view at the end of the table

Terry's slingers appear first at the table edge

and they exchange shots with the Saxon archers

The Romano-British Levy are ordered to race towards the farm and head off any Saxons

whilst the Warriors and Ieuan's elite troops head straight for the Saxons in view

Here we see the R-B's warriors in formation ready to launch an attack

and this run of cards helps !

The Saxons suddenly realise the danger

but the R-B elites hit the flank of the nearest unit

with an immediate effect

This Saxon unit is no more

Other Saxons have turned to meet the threat

and now Ieuan's best troops have their work cut out

Its too much for one small group and they lose the ensuing melee

That's the end of his best troops but they have bought time for the rest

The Romano warriors now hit the Saxons and isolate one group by using the "Goad" card

The Saxons are scattered

but fighting continues in small pockets

The threat still remains whilst Steve has the two groups at left of this picture

Ieuan and his valiant men keep up the pressure whilst they wait for the Levy to put in an appearance

at long last they are spotted rounding the woods and heading for the Saxons

First group in !

The arrival of the Levy makes the difference and Aelfwald's Saxons morale plummets to zero

The farm is saved !

As we finished this raid so quickly, even allowing for a pizza break, we elected to continue with another raid by the Saxons this time trying to loot a church - and here they come !  The priest and monks are naturally alarmed !

Ieuan must have heard their cries for a Romano-British force appears at the top of the picture 

Aelfwald has sent one group into the church to pillage whilst most of his warriors await the enemy

and they won't have long to wait !

Most of the British attack towards the waiting Saxons but one group heads around the church

battle ensues and the British push back the Saxons

but its a hard slog

Two Romano groups are sent packing

and the ones who tried to sneak around the back of the Saxons are caught too

but the tough centre commanded by Ieuan hold their own

They head towards Aelfwald's rear unit

where fighting is still going on

The shield wall has to turn as Aelfwald's formation is returning from their combat

Reorganised, they now ready themselves for the charge

The Romano card comes up before the Saxon one and in they go

Despite heavy casualties, Ieuan wins again and the Saxons are sent packing

So 2-0 to the British today - but no doubt Aelfwald will return again to create havoc in the English countryside.


  1. Well done Bede. Good games yesterday despite failing to win either. In total in 580 AD the score is Romano-British 4 Saxons nil. However so far I have not been sacked as Saxon commander so as they say "I will be back..."

  2. A sterling if rather bloody performance by the Romano-British. Great AAR. Who makes the 15mm figures, please? It's a scale I might use for DB.

  3. I believe they are Splintered Light figures, AJ

  4. Hi A.J. As the owner of the figures, I can confirm that the vast majority are from Splintered Light in the US (no UK distributor unfortunately). I also mix unit types using Late Roman figures from Essex Miniatures especially for my cavalry. Shield designs are either transfers from Little Big Men Studios or hand painted.

  5. Oh, the priests are from the Peter Pig Viking range.