Friday, 8 July 2016

The Battle of Hobkirk Hill - another AWI game using Regimental Fire & Fury Rules

Hot on the heels of our game last Sunday, Raf and Wes agreed to come over to have another go at these adapted rules.

I picked Hobkirk Hill as I had enough figures for this but not some of the larger battles !

The British under Colonel Lord Rawdon attack through the woods

which initially caught the Americans by surprise as they expected an assault from the road 

Rawdon leads the way !

The Americans aligned across Hobkirk Hill

General Green gets word of the British attack

Raf lost the toss and got the British troops in this game

The Americans are ordered forward by Greene

Undeterred, the British keep coming

The New York Dragoons are at the rear of the British with a supply wagon

Greene's right wing begin to wheel as they are too far away from the action

The Delaware Regiment have a brave leader out front

British troops form up to charge

This is where the battle will be decided

The British artillery is unable to deploy in the crowded wooded battlefield

The 1st/3rd Continental Dragoons seek to outflank the British, watched by Read's Militia

Eye ball to eye ball, the opposing sides exchange fire

The British Light Dragoons find their way blocked by large numbers of rebels

Initially the British infantry push back the Americans

Hand to hand combat all along the line

The rebel artillery begin to turn towards the enemy dragoons

The British infantry follow up their success in the centre

as the Volunteers of Ireland fire upon the Continental Dragoons

This British charge is checked by American fire

but the American centre fights back

and American success right of centre sees the green South Carolina Royalists rout

Rawdon throw all his effort against the American left

but they are beaten back off the hill with casualties

with the Americans now threatening to envelope their open flank

Rawdon orders a retreat - Hobkirk Hill stays in American hands !

Wes is the victor today.


  1. What a great report with fabulous lines of battle!